In 2017, after a series of marketing researches, the brand of ROIS gets a new identity. The company updated the brand portfolio, realized new packaging as image and technology to highlight the three major groups: traditionally roasted nuts, dried nuts and dried fruits, nuts dragee and mixes, first-class products. After renovation of the assortment at the commercial sites is intended introduction of new products unique for the Bulgarian market technology of production. In a response to the demand, the distribution of packaged nuts and dried fruits in the country and the chain of bakeries in Sofia were extended. It is intended the opening of bakeries throughout the whole state. Victoria NUTS Ltd. produces and exports about 1/3rd of the ROIS branded products in 20 foreign markets in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, including popular for the tourists’ exotic islands.


The ROIS brand is outstanding by the competition with the steadiness in its innovative solutions and the appliance of the world trends in the production and the trade of nuts, dried fruits and derived products.