Rois once again makes a delicious Revolution for the senses, even for the most demanding consumers.

If you can't resist chocolate, almonds in chocolate or strawberries in chocolate, you will hardly be able to resist the triple temptation from Rois. A selection of roasted almonds, dipped in milk chocolate, then coated with white chocolate and fine fruit finish. Triple temptation in three variants: strawberry, raspberry and blueberry. A multi-layered, captivating combination with impressive aftertaste sensations.

Irresistible aroma and rich taste explode the senses with each dragée, composed of quality almonds, first-class chocolate and dehydrated fruit. Prepared following a unique recipe and technology, without the use of artificial flavors and colorants. The masters at Rois open a new page in chocolate creations with nuts and dried fruits.

The products from the Choco Premium series provoke the curiosity of consumers and find more and more fans that enjoy them on weekdays or as treats for their holiday. Expectedly tasty and unexpectedly interesting offers in the Choco Premium series of fruits and nuts:

Choco Premium products are offered in doypack pouches for convenient consumption and long-term storage of product quality. This type of packaging is convenient for display, considering the limited space possibilities of commercial sites – either on its own thematic shelf or on the shelf next to the cash register, using a rack or stand specially provided by Rois.

With 20 years of perseverance and innovation, Rois has developed the art of cooking with nuts and dried fruits. Quality of the selection, unique flavoring recipes and innovative coating technologies have made Rois a trendsetter and market leader.

Don't ask, but try! Rois – a delicious Revolution!